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Pierre Salinger Signs Up With
Russo Campaign for Governor

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The former press spokesman for John F. Kennedy, Pierre Salinger, has been signed to serve as press secretary in Aaron Russo's campaign for governor of Nevada.
The long-time ABC-TV correspondent confirmed his role to Electric Nevada in a long-distance phone call Saturday.
"We had a meeting last week, in Reno," said Salinger, adding "I'm going to participate in the event that's taking place at the Pioneer Theater on Saturday the 10th."
Asked how he would


deal with a situation where he, as spokesman, was better known than his candidate, Salinger said he did not expect any problems.
"Well, Mr. Russo is not badly known with the wonderful films he's done," said Salinger. "And that's pretty well known. And what I've learned, looking into this, is that he is already beginning to excite some people in Nevada."
Also, the gubernatorial election is not until November of next year, Salinger pointed out.
Other public figures announced for the Russo campaign kickoff May 10 include Dr. Julian Whitaker and Charlotte Iserbyt.
Whitaker, perhaps the best known holistic doctor in America, edits and publishes Health & Healing, one of the most popular newsletters in the country, with reportedly some 500,000 subscribers.

He is a vocal critic of the federal Food and Drug Administration and has been a public champion of Houston's Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, whose controversial antineoplaston therapy has been greeted by patients as both the most important breakthrough in cancer therapy of this century and has also triggered multiple indictments by federal government prosecutors. Trained as a surgeon at the University of California, Whitaker abandoned that field to practice preventive medicine using nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes as the primary tools for treating disease. He currently runs the Whitaker Wellness Institute in Newport Beach, California.
Russo has pledged, if elected governor, to "make Nevada the 'Alternative Medicine Oasis' of the United States."
Charlotte Iserbyt is one of America's highest profile critics of federal education policy, especially 'outcome based education' and the Goals 2000 program.
An official in the U.S. Department of Education during the Reagan Administration, Iserbyt will speak on the current status of federal education initiatives today.
Salinger said

his full role in Russo's campaign won't be worked out until this fall.
He was most recently in the news in November and January, citing purported evidence that a Navy missile accidentally shot down TWA Flight 800 off Long Island July 17. All 230 people on board were killed. FBI officials have heatedly denied the charge.
Salinger, 71, is taking a post originally announced in the Russo campaign for Lyn Nofziger. Nofziger

was press secretary for Ronald Reagan from the latter's days as California governor to well into his presidency.
According to a campaign source, although Nofziger had agreed to take on the press responsibilities, he ultimately was not able to do so because of illness.

-- Steve Miller

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