A message to our readers:

On the suspending of our news operation


With this issue, Electric Nevada --- for the moment at least -- puts its news-gathering operation on hold. The columnists you like to check out every week -- Vin and Ira, especially -- will still be here for you. But it will be as part of a new approach to web publishing that we will soon start trying out.
Regarding EN, in the last 16 months of this experiment in weekly web journalism we've had a great deal of fun tracking down and publishing local and state (and even occasionally national) news stories which otherwise would never see the light of day here in northern Nevada. [Our voluminous
archives will remain on the Web.]
That's why Electric Nevada was begun: it was largely a 'just-can't stand it' reaction to the suffocating news-vacuum being perpetrated on Northern Nevadans, as a matter of explicit policy, by the local Gannett product.
Today, however, that monopoly's vacuum -- at least for state news -- is largely over. Nevadans on the web have access every day to the far superior state news coverage of the Las Vegas Review-Journal and, sometimes, the Las Vegas Sun. Nationally, and internationally, of course, the quantity on the web for followers of the news is immense.
The special news niches which EN came to cover most intensively -- largely because no one else would -- have been the ceaseless depradations on rural Nevadans by the federales' Western bureaucratic octopus, and other instances, in the Silver State, of the eternal war against human freedom.
Unfortunately, at present there is not yet a high-profile web (or print) publishing operation able to fill that gap. The capital investment necessary to support a web news operation of even Electric Nevada's limited size remains substantial. We were able to come up with it for a while, but -- in company with all the major national news organizations -- have not been able to find an adequate financial model to make the web operation self-supporting.
You may be interested to know that some philanthropists are contemplating a non-profit support arrangement, so that EN's reporting can continue in the near future. Other ideas are being discussed in other quarters. We'll just have to see what develops.

In the meantime, it's been a pleasure to serve you.

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