126-plus agencies in Vegas
Police Agencies Metastasizing

Do you know how many folks can arrest you in Las Vegas, Nevada?
Just a few, right?
Wrong. Actually, 126 different agencies can toss you in the klink.
And a new list now inventories those agencies, Electric Nevada learned this week.
The list was compiled by Las Vegas web publisher Ken Penn and other local activists concerned about crime and the inability of law enforcement personnel to actually deal with it, Glen and Melinda Sue Parshall wrote EN.
The list is "for those planning a visit

here, who live here or who are just concerned over their freedoms, crime and civil liberties." Penn's site is at http://www.jonnymo.com. The list can be seen directly at http://www.jonnymo.com/jmovrbpls.htm.
"With so many cops around, how come the bad guys are walking around free and the good guys are living afraid?" ask the Parshalls.
"Why are the good guys sometimes more afraid of being arrested than the bad guys?"

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