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Harry and the Whoremaster

Two different reports say U. S. Senate Majority Leader Reid received grocery bags of cash, ballot-stuffing from infamous pimp Joe Conforte

By W. W. Anderson

LAS VEGAS – A long-time political consultant and former campaign manager for U.S. Senator Harry Reid has gone public with allegations that Reid had a secret and corrupt relationship with the notorious pimp Joe Conforte, of the famed Mustang Ranch brothel that for decades sat outside of Reno.

The account quoting Don Williams -- manager of several Reid campaigns, including the 1970 race for Nevada Lieutenant Governor -- is in Harry: Money, Mob and Influence in Harry Reid's Nevada, by Daxton Brown and on

However, a website -- named "Your Politics News" -- also is reporting the story and says Williams has taken a lie-detector test. It reportedly has an interview with Williams scheduled for public release August 17:

"A polygraph test confirms Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-NV) ties to illegal campaign spending, reports

"The political website on Tuesday will publish several claims from Reid’s first campaign manager, including the Democrat’s association with Mustang Ranch owner and operator Joe Conforte.

“We’re the only media outlet to have received this damning information on Harry Reid, and we’ve got the polygraph results that legitimize his former campaign manager’s claims,” said Sid Bradley, executive editor of

 “Monday is the day Reid’s supporters and opponents will get the real story on who funded Reid’s first days in politics.”

The Daxton Brown book, on page 22, offers parts of an interview that reportedly took place on October 27, 2009:

"One time Conforte took me to this double-wide trailer. It was pretty opulent and attached by a secret door to the Mustang Ranch. Conforte had a whole wall of huge paper shopping bags with money sitting there and had me help count it out.

"Conforte also took me out to his car one time and showed me a whole trunk full of absentee ballots filled out for Harry. He actually offered me the opportunity to open the ballots to check them if I wanted, but I didn't want my fingerprints on there." Williams

W. W. Anderson is a a journalist who retired to Las Vegas for the entertainment.